NFC in Smart Posters


Smart Posters

Smart posters are here and they bring unique marketing solutions for every organisation that has a message to share.

The secret lies in a tiny NFC tag that’s embedded within the Enlighten smart poster system. Packed inside that tiny NFC tag is a wealth of information, from your contact details and website URL to special offers and social media resources.

Emitting a low-powered radio signal that interacts with any NFC enabled mobile phone.  Enlighten transmits data from the poster to the phone with a single swipe in seconds.

Download the PDF below to find out more about the versatile NFC Smart Poster:

NFC Smart Posters: 818.8 kb

NFC & QR: Working in Partnership

Go further and incorporate the same data into a QR Code and combine the power of dual technology on your smart poster. Every smartphone has the capability to read a QR Code; by merging the capabilities of an NFC tag and a QR code the potential to engage with more smartphone users is outstanding.

Moreover, smartphones can read smart poster NFC tags and QR codes even when there’s no network coverage, so the opportunity to share the latest news with the people who want to receive it will never be missed.


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