Latest Blog for 2014

Apple Pay – bringing proximity marketing ever closer

20th October 2014, 10:46

The iPhone 6 launch event in Cupertino, California on 9th September 2014 brought with it all manner of revelations, from a huge new smartphone to the unveiling of the long awaited Apple Watch. Read more

iBeacon- The future of the smartposter

4th September 2014, 09:37

Apple included iBeacon with the release of the iPhone 6. If NFC is in the new iPhone 6, to be launched on Sept 9th 2014, then the combination of iBeacon for proximity marketing and NFC for payments could herald a whole new era for retailing. Read more

Moving nearer to an NFC world

23rd June 2014, 08:52

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that makes it possible for NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and other devices to establish radio communication with unpowered NFC chips. Read more


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