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Apple Pay – bringing proximity marketing ever closer

20th October 2014, 10:46

The iPhone 6 launch event in Cupertino, California on 9th September 2014 brought with it all manner of revelations, from a huge new smartphone to the unveiling of the long awaited Apple Watch. Read more

iBeacon- The future of the smartposter

4th September 2014, 09:37

Apple included iBeacon with the release of the iPhone 6. If NFC is in the new iPhone 6, to be launched on Sept 9th 2014, then the combination of iBeacon for proximity marketing and NFC for payments could herald a whole new era for retailing. Read more

Moving nearer to an NFC world

23rd June 2014, 08:52

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that makes it possible for NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and other devices to establish radio communication with unpowered NFC chips. Read more

Smart posters supporting the climb to a leaner, fitter workforce

8th November 2013, 11:23

Smart posters are fast becoming the solution of choice for organisations who want to engage with their audiences, thanks to a positive initiative. Read more

No turning back – NFC enabled phones to exceed 500 million by 2014

9th May 2013, 12:42

In recent times we have seen the emergence of some ‘niche' payment and data transfer platforms or apps for smartphones but it’s widely recognised that the breakthrough technology is unequivocally NFC. Read more

No NFC chip in iPhone 5 - an opportunity for Apple's competitors?

19th September 2012, 09:07

As a company that’s totally committed to NFC technology we are of course disappointed that Apple chose not to include NFC capability in the new iPhone 5. Read more

NFC smart posters connect banks with young adults

30th August 2012, 15:06

In Canada, a major bank is using smart posters in a promotional campaign aimed at young adults. Read more

Smart posters help charity bring message to life

8th August 2012, 15:35

Advertisers are finding innovative ways of using NFC smart posters to communicate with their audience, in this case with a very important message... Read more

Smart Posters: New ways to engage with customers using NFC

26th June 2012, 15:05

The essential lure of smart posters is of an easy, instant and elegant way to communicate with nearby customers. The technology is still in its infancy but already retailers are seeing the potential of this new permission marketing channel. Read more

NFC Smart Stickers

23rd March 2012, 16:26

Last week the Smart Poster team launched a brand new range of Smart Stickers featuring NFC technology at The Retail Business Technology Expo in London Read more


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